It’s been a great 20 year run

The contract extension that Tom Brady signed was just an $8 million raise for this season. The extra two seasons will be void and he will become a free agent after the 2019 NFL year. Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston had hinted Brady may hold out from all football activity had a deal not been met. Robert Kraft gave him a raise and Brady signed the deal. He’s also been looking at houses in Connecticut and New Jersey with his wife Gisele. He also wants to put his kids in schools in Manhattan, after putting his house on the market yesterday in Brookline we can assume this could be it for Brady playing football.

Tom Brady won’t play for another team

If Tom Brady was to leave football after this season nobody would blame him. He’s been to nine Super Bowls, won six, he’s accomplished more than any other quarterback in the league. He’s not going to move to New York and play for another team that isn’t going anywhere. His wife wants him to retire anyway, and I don’t think she’d want him to leave the family in New York while he goes and plays for a bad team. Nobody is going to invest a lot in a 43 year old quarterback at that point. He’s got his post-football plans set with TB12 and promoting that.

Bill Belichick believes in Brady but also likes to plan for the future of the franchise. Brady would never say before the season this is it for him. He wouldn’t want the distraction that it would come with. When David Ortiz announced he was retiring it was a distraction because it took the focus away from the team and on Ortiz’s retirement. Brady and the Patriots would say nothing until the conclusion of the season.

Finally, Robert Kraft would never trade Brady to another team. That is obvious. They probably made a deal that this would be the last season for Brady and to go out winning another championship. After that, he can focus more on his family and promoting TB12.