It’s December, which means 2018 is right around the corner. A lot of things happened this year in Boston sports from the Patriots winning the Super Bowl to Kyrie Irving being a Boston Celtic. Claude Julien is no longer the coach of the Bruins and the Red Sox are looking to add a power hitter after the Yankees just got Stanton. It’s been a year of up and downs the Red Sox fired John Farrell and hired Alex Cora who is coming off a World Series win with the Houston Astros. Here are my top five Boston sports moments of 2017:


The same day the Patriots had their victory parade after winning the Super Bowl The Bruins fired Claude Julien. Don Sweeney spoke about firing Julien saying.

“I had come to a conclusion that in moving this group forward with an eye toward the plans that have been put in place, that I wasn’t willing to commit to a longer term basis with Claude”.

Claude didn’t really interact with the younger guys on the team. Bruce Cassidy took over and is playing the younger guys which is giving the Bruins a better shot at winning.


John Farrell exits as Red Sox manager.

After the Boston Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs Dave Dombrowski fired John Farrell. The reason it’s number four on this list is because it was a move that had to be made and long time coming. It’s a fact that back-to-back division wins isn’t good enough, and they needed a change. The Red Sox hired Alex Cora as the new manager going forward. In conclusion John Farrell spoke about being fired last week in an interview on MLB Network saying:

“Hey, every situation has a shelf life and a change was made. I respect the change that did take place.”


Jimmy Garoppolo got traded to the San Francisco 49ers. This came a shock to many Patriots fans as they thought he would be the successor to Tom Brady. As a result Tom Brady at age 40 seems to not be slowing down anytime soon and still playing at a high level. Jimmy Garoppolo is 2-0 as a starter for the 49ers and 4-0 lifetime as a starter. General Manager for the 49ers John Lynch spoke after the trade:

“I am extremely pleased this came together today and we all think it is a big win for our organization”.

Brian Hoyer was the old backup for the 49ers singed back with the Patriots.


The NBA off-season was a win for the Boston Celtics. The Celtics traded for Kyrie Irving sending Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers. When the trade happened it shocked a lot of fans around the Boston area and in Cleveland. It was obvious Irving wanted to get away from LeBron James and win on his own. The Celtics also singed Gordon Hayward. But as he looks to make it back for at least the playoffs, Irving sets the tone for the Celtics and is the leader of the team. The Celtics currently have one of the best records in the NBA.


Number one on this list is pretty obvious. Super Bowl LI was not only the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, it was a landmark for Tom Brady. There is no question Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. He and the Patriots never gave up in the game. They had the right leader leading the comeback. The best part of it a the Super Bowl win after Tom Brady’s suspension. The Patriots are on a clear path this year too as they’ll win the division game AFC Championship and go to the Super Bowl again.

2017 was a great year in Boston sports and it shows that Boston is the best sports city in the country. For 2018 it will be a fun exciting and roller coaster ride for the Boston Sports teams. How will the Red Sox respond to Stanton going to the Yankees? How will Alex Cora do as the manager? Will the Patriots win the Super Bowl? Are the Bruins going to make the playoffs? Will the Celtics make the NBA Finals? We’ll find out next year!