Friday, April 12th @ 8:45pm

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It’s week 2 of stage 2 and for some reason Boston has to play a game against the Hangzhou Spark. Hard to expect the Uprising to put on a show that lives up to the double reverse sweep they pulled against Atlanta and Toronto. I suppose we’ll have to settle for a stomping of the fun but unfortunately pink clad expansion team.

Yes, this should be a sweep. I don’t make predictions often but anything less than a sweep would be an upset. I said in my stage preview that Boston had to take care of business against the non Stage 1 playoff teams. That’s Hangzhou, LA Gladiators, London, and Washington. Do that, and Stage 2 playoffs is in the bag. Now that Atlanta and Toronto have run away licking their wounds, Stage 2 playoffs should be assumed. 

In fact, we need to look at what we can build from these near throw matchups. Let’s throw some crazy new comps out there. Let’s stick Blase on Baptiste in new and exciting ways. We can be the ones to show what this new hero can do. How about we drop Sombra for a week and let rCk pop off and show just how good a DVa he is. Colourhex should get perma locked on Widow just to put a nail on the whole ‘one match fluke’ fake news I’ve seen percolate around Reddit. Also, Fusions should roll, literally, Wrecking Ball all day. Give him some stage experience and show how good he can be in a post-GOATs meta. The Brit ain’t no one trick.

Basically this week should be nothing more than an exhibition showcase. Those trolls putting Boston outside the top 5 in their power rankings need to be put on blast. Never mind we’re 5th in the overall league standings. Forget how we just made the biggest in season trade in OWL history with Note/rCk. Don’t think about how we just body bagged two Stage 1 playoff teams. That when the pressure is highest, three times in a row now Boston has sacked up and laid waste to the other team

No, this match is about confidence building. About showing who runs this place. Building a reputation as the bad boys of Overwatch. And if three reverse sweeps in a row won’t do it, stuffing the pink colored Spark in a locker is a good start. 

Looking forward to the artwork though.

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