The trade demand for Antonio Brown will not be dry this offseason as three teams are quite interested.

Pittsburgh Steelers disgruntled star wideout Antonio Brown has made it very clear that he wants out. It doesn’t matter where to, but Brown is open to playing for any team but Pittsburgh. Considering his age, and contractual price tag, the Steelers initial asking price didn’t seem like a ton. Regardless of how much he’s going to cost though, the Steelers have to get rid of him at some point.

What’s the rush? Well, for starters, Brown already met with the Steelers’ ownership. Both parties agreed that it’s time to move on and there’s that. Oh, and there’s also the fact that Antonio Brown has sounded off on Pittsburgh every chance that he gets. First, it was Le’Veon Bell. Now, it’s AB.

Maybe these guys weren’t lying. Perhaps they aren’t as selfish as everybody thought. The Steelers apparently have some problems internally, and it’s not a very good look. As Brown waits for the league new year to see where he ends up, he’s making the Steelers decision to put him up for sale much more comfortable.

Brown goes off on Big Ben

On HBO’s “The Shop” AB sounded off on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. It wasn’t a secret that Big Ben has struggled to hold himself accountable all throughout the 2018 NFL season as he publicly threw players under the bus. Now, Brown is officially over trying to let it go.

Antonio Brown is upset with Pittsburgh and needs to get out of there pronto. With all of his off-field distractions though this offseason, is his trade value diminished? It’s unclear what teams are offering, but there are definitely some teams interested, which is no surprise. These handy guides will help you filter through the noise and make the right decision when betting NFL futures with Brown’s future still in the air.

Who is interested in AB?

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, three teams are seriously interested in Brown. There’s only one problem for the Steelers though. Two of the three teams compete in the AFC. Before, the Steelers made it clear that they strongly preferred to dish Brown out to the NFC, but at this point, they may not have a choice.

The Oakland Raiders are one team who have their eyes on Brown. As they traded away Amari Cooper for a first-rounder last season, there’s a possibility that they flip that pick for Brown. It would be very much like Jon Gruden to trade a young wideout just to acquire another wideout who will be 31 in July based off of the need for a wide receiver. So typical.

Oakland isn’t the only AFC team who reached out. Apparently, the Tennesee Titans have their eyes on him as well. The Titans have Corey Davis, but he has yet to really take his game to the next level. The AFC South is somewhat of a tough division, so the Titans do need to start really upgrading in order to compete in the regular season.

Lastly, the Washington Redskins want in on the action. Yes, the Redskins need a wide receiver, but why get one this season when you would need a quarterback too. Alex Smith is out of the year, and apparently, Colt McCoy will be the starter. Yikes. Maybe Washington finds a short-term upgrade in Free Agency. If they don’t, then perhaps they should save their assets instead of getting Brown to struggle with a bad quarterback.