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Andy’s Candor: Matchup of the Game!

  “If a defensive lineman sacks a quarterback in the forest does he make a sound?” The Patriots That’s how I feel about the state of the defensive line of the New England Patriots. In the opener against KC they had some positives. Flowers had a good stat line of two sacks, six hits and eight pressures, but that was it. We knew coming into this season that the between the new faces and lack of star power manufacturing pass rush was the order of the day. The youthful energy and solid secondary would produce the finished product. So far, the returns are unimpressive. Other members of the front seven barely cracked the stat sheet, and with the loss of Hightower, the game against the Saints has taken an ominous tone. The Saints But fear not Patriots Nation! If the state of our pass rushing sucks, then the offensive line of the Saints is downright deplorable! Heading out of training camp without LT Terron Armstead, they lost RT Zach Streif before two quarters of the 2017 season was over. This caused a normally explosive offense led by the prolific Drew Brees to fizzle and produce just 19 points. Including netting four field goals in the red zone. Why it’s Important This matchup is important for a multitude of reasons. Let the young guys get experience and confidence. Allow the...

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Patriot’s Scary Offense: A roster analysis Part 2

Now that the glory of the 2017 NFL season is upon us and the anticipation of training camp behind us, we can take stock of the roster as it heads into the early part of the year. The situation is very fluid and much of the bottom of the roster will be churned in an effort to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. The offense had quite a few surprises. How does it look for this season? How is it shaping up for the next two to three years? Read on and find out.   Quarterbacks   Tom Brady and...

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Chris Long: a True Patriot

Two men. Two men standing. Two men standing for our National Anthem. Two men standing for our National Anthem, One with a raised fist.  Another with his arm around his teammate. Standing Tall An image, and a powerful one at that. Wherever you land on the political spectrum you can see that Chris Long stands in a rare light. Many veterans on their third team in three years might be laying low, getting a feel for their new team and fellow players. Not Chris Long. Always an outspoken leader, even when playing in the relative obscurity of the St....

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My Proclamation: Blitz for Six!!

Are You Ready? It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to a close. The days are getting shorter. Those mornings are getting a little chillier. Our thoughts start shifting from beaches and campfires to pumpkins and leaves. One thing we all have in common – our Patriots are the defending World Champions! After a season marred by the ridiculous and baseless suspension of Tom Terrific, the boys in blue rallied, put a foot on the gas pedal and never looked back. Through it all they displayed the perseverance, professionalism, and passion that we have loved from all...

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