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Uprising Stage 2 Week 2 Preview: Hangzhou Spark

Let’s throw some crazy new comps out there. Let’s stick Blase on Baptiste in new and exciting ways. We can be the ones to show what this new hero can do. How about we drop Sombra for a week and let rCk pop off and show just how good a DVa he is. Colourhex should get perma locked on Widow just to put a nail on the whole ‘one match fluke’ fake news I’ve seen percolate around Reddit.

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Monday Morning Shotcaller: Stage 2 Week 1

You have to give it to the Uprising – they do everything they can to make it interesting. Because after opening Stage 2 with a pair of reverse sweeps (3rd in a row in stage play) the entire league is catching on to the interesting story of of the Uprising. A team whose GM will make any roster change he can to better the team, fans be damned. A team full of players perceived to be ‘unknown’ or ‘unproven’ or ‘inexperienced.’ And a group who never says die and can’t be counted out till the last fuse of overtime burns out.

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Boston Uprising’s Watch Party in Worcester, MA:

Going into Thursday night’s matchup against the Atlanta Reign, the Boston Uprising looked to come out strong in the first week of stage 2. On the other side of the country, Boston Uprising’s staff were similarly looking to come out strong with their first watch party in Worcester, MA. While the team had hosted two standing room only watch parties in downtown Boston (and one in Foxboro) – Worcester was the team’s first foray outside of the Boston metropolitan area. Would Uprising fans come out hyped to support their team outside of Boston?

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Uprising Stage 2 Week 1 Preview: Reign and Defiant

After a whirlwind Tuesday it’s become even more unclear what to expect this opening week of Stage 2. First, Persia becomes the team’s fourth support player. Second, Note has been shipped off to Dallas in exchange for rCk. Lastly, Overwatch’s next balance patch continues to distort what the meta will be. In short, the tea leaves ain’t any easier to read. Here’s a shot in the dark.

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