As we know, the Inaugural season of the Overwatch League is coming to a close within the next few weeks. Soon the Semifinals and Grand Finals of the playoffs will wrap up within the next two weeks. Unfortunately, our boys in blue were sent home a little earlier than they had hoped. Boston was taken out in the Quarterfinals of the playoffs last week to the Philadelphia Fusion 2-1. Although it seems like yesterday that Boston was “doomed to be one of the bottom feeder teams of the league”. We know our team worked through adversity to gain themselves the number three seed in the playoffs and even garnish the only perfect stage record so far for The Overwatch League! Let’s try to remember how this roller coaster season started and even look towards the future as to where the Uprising will be headed.


Their Humble Beginnings:

Back last Summer/Fall when teams were being revealed many teams were either: A.) Korean Pro Teams B.) The U.S World Cup Team (@Houston Outlaws) or C.) Notable Pro players from other Esports organizations. The Boston Uprising, along with Shanghai and Florida was none of those. This immediately led to many reporters, casters and even OWL front desk to toss Boston to the side, having no expectations of them throughout the season. A group formed from pros on lower tier teams, pro’s from other Esports teams and, an ex-professional tennis player. All the skepticism was validated at first. Although as we all know though they continued to prove everyone wrong.

Standing Their Ground:

Flash forward two stages and the Uprising finished both 6-4 just barely missing the stage playoffs both times. Stage playoffs aside, there was bigger success formed. Star players like main tank Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh, off tank Lucas “NotE” Meissner, and future MVP contender Nam-Joo “Striker” Kwon. The team only seemed to be only going up. This is due in part to their hard New England practice ethic. Hearing about just how many days a week they would be doing scrims, practicing and reviewing VODs. You could tell the dedication and grind they all had to succeed. Not to mention the constant chip on their shoulder.

Bad Luck Turned Into Better Results

After two incredibly strong stage showings, the Uprising was ready to take on Stage 3. They finally felt they could make their push for a spot in the stage playoffs. Starting off 2-0, they were tasked with facing the seemingly “unbeatable” New York Excelsior. Unfortunately, days before their spotlight matchup, one of Boston’s key DPS players was suspended. He was then quickly released with legal charges coming his way. The Uprising had to play the best team in the league, without one of their starters. They had to rely on backup DPS player Stanislav “Mistakes” Danilov. People started to cast doubts again on Boston thinking this loss would plummet them down the ranks. It seemed impossible, but the team, the coaches, and everyone supporting the Uprising believed. Sure enough, newfound starter “Mistakes” and the rest of the Uprising pulled the impossible. Boston gave NYXL their third loss of the season.

Now fueling another fire formed from the doubters, and the adrenaline of taking down the beast of the league Boston went on a tear. They ended up finishing Stage 3 undefeated (and garnishing undefeated records on the stage Control maps) and rode a 14 game win streak to the stage finals. Unfortunately New York got their revenge there beating their division rivals 3-0. Losing in the Stage 3 playoffs may of stung, but once again Boston continued to defy the odds. Boston established themselves as a “top 3” team in the league heading into the final stretch.

A Sour Final Stretch Doesn’t End Their Dreams

Unfortunately as the final stage approached came a new meta: The Brigitte meta. This brought upon a lot of trouble for the Uprising as this new character directly countered their previous compositions. With it taking extended time to figure out new strategies to overcome this they ended up finishing the season 4-6. After slugging out wins against poor preforming teams Shanghai, Florida, Seoul, and a “sandbagging” New York. This unfortunately wasn’t enough and they missed the stage 4 playoffs. Thankfully, due to their stellar performance the other 75% of the season, Boston still landed the number three seed in the playoffs.

We sadly know how the playoffs ended with their 2-1 loss to Philly. Now though there is so much to look forward to with the future and the Uprising. Nobody can call them a bottom tier team anymore, nor doubt their potential to win the league in year two. It’s looking more and more hopeful that Boston will bring back all of their starters when free agency signings start up in the fall. Furthermore, they can only add more talent around them with two more roster spots open to be filled. The Uprising may of exited the race a little earlier than they hoped this year, but one things for sure: they’ll be back stronger and better next year. Thank you Boston for the incredible first season!