Learning how to hold a bowling ball is the first step towards being a successful bowler, and the most common way to get started is learning the conventional grip. After this, you can now find the ideal w eight that will comfortably allow you to either throw straight or hook. 

A typical bowling ball has three holes; two side-by-side, and the third below the two. You want to place the middle and ring fingers in the two on the side, and then your thumb in the other one that is below them. This grip not only reduces the likelihood of accidents, but it also stabilizes the ball. You will have lots of control on it. You want to have the fingers as deep as they can go – preferably to the second knuckle joint of each finger – especially when you are a beginner. 

How do you know the ball is the right fit? You will fell the grip when you insert your fingers. You do not want them too loose or too tight, as that would be uncomfortable. If you have your ball made for you, then you will have even better control as the holes will be drilled to fit perfectly. 

Throwing the Ball

Some newbie bowlers hold the ball with their fingers – as they have gripped it – and then head off to throw. Well, this could strain the fingers as the ball is heavy, and so you want to cradle it with your free hand as you get ready to throw. This boost takes pressure off the fingers and stabilizes you before you throw. 

When releasing the ball, it is advisable to let the thumb go a split second before the rest of the fingers for the perfect motion. Your grip should not be too tight as it will prevent you from having the ideal throw if it is. The ball should slid easily off your fingers. It may be a little hard to master if you are a novice, but you will develop your technique over time.

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoOs4mVwQqM

How to Find the Ideal Bowling Ball for you?

After you have gotten your grip right, you now want to know how to find the right bowling ball for you as it will dramatically change your game. Two of the main things to look out for are weight and coverstock. 

  • Weight of the Ball

You best weight is the one you can handle comfortably, and so the basic rule is to go for 10% of your body weight. The heaviest in the house usually weighs 16lbs, and it is what many pros use. You don’t have to start that heavy if you are a beginner as you can work your way up later in your game. 10% your body weight is sufficient for starters. 

  • Coverstock

If you are having a bowling ball custom-made for you, then you want to consider its outer material which determines the way it rolls on the surface. There are usually three types; polyester – basically plastic, urethane, and reactive resin. Plastic covers the cheapest of the lot and so almost every house ball is made out of this, but they are mostly ideal for throwing straight. Reactive resin and urethane are costlier, but they also have good hook potential. 

Dou you need a Custom-made Ball to get the Right Grip?

While your own ball would be ideal as the holes are cut to fit your fingers perfectly, you can always work with a house ball. As you perfect your skills and maybe decide to do this on a regular basis, then you can then have one made to fit perfectly.