Allen Pleads Guilty

Boston Celtics assistant coach Jerome Allen pleaded guilty to accepting an $18,000 bribe in 2014. At the time, Allen was the head coach at the University of Pennsylvania. In six seasons, Allen lead the Quakers to a 65-104 record.

Allen stated he accepted the bribe from a parent of a prospective student “for the purpose of using my position as coach to help his son get admitted to the school as a ‘listed’ recruit”.


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“I failed on many levels,” said Allen in a statement. “Primarily, I had a failure of character. I did not live up to the high standards I set for myself, or were expected of me in the position that I held.

“I am heartbroken that my players — current and former — will know that I broke the law. But, I do hope that some good may come out of this. I wish to model to my young players how one accepts responsibility for wrongdoing, including the consequences that come from unlawful behavior.”

Allen will remain on the Celtics coaching staff, but will likely face a suspension according to multiple reports. Boston’s other assistants include Jamie Young, Jay Larranaga, Micah Shrewsberry and Scott Morrison.