New England has lost its second game in December, the first time since 2002.  The Patriots decided to take Josh Gordon out for the final play of the game.  McDaniels answered questions, and Josh Gordon’s absence on that play was a hot topic.

Josh Gordon Should’ve been on the field on Sunday

4th and Goal

Where was Josh Gordon

The Patriots loss didn’t come down to one single play, but again player personnel was an issue.  After the game Bill Belichick was asked about Gordon’s absence.  The head coach said they opted for Cordarrelle Patterson instead, which didn’t answer anything really.

Patterson is another big, athletic, jump ball receiver.  The answer from Belichick didn’t cut it for me, because having Gordon and Patterson in for the play would’ve made sense.  But that wasn’t the case, Gordon who played 58 snaps compared to Patterson’s 4 were swapped for the biggest play of the game.

McDaniels Explains Gordon’s Absence

The Patriots found themselves in position to tie the game after driving down the field.  The game looked like every other Patriots comeback, until the holding call on second down.  That penalty on second down moved the offense from the 11 yard line, back to the 21 yard line and loss of a down.  The Steelers took a timeout before Tom Brady’s final attempt to win.  Gordon ran to the sideline during the time out and left many scratching their head.

McDaniels wanted fresh legs for the final play?


Josh Gordon wasn’t made available to the media after the game.  McDaniels said that “the offense had run quite a few plays in a row.”  He Seems to be indicating Gordon was tired.  He went on to say Patterson was sent in as a “fresh guy” to try and make a play.  He stated there is no ulterior motive behind the decision.

Josh Gordon Gives The Patriots the Best Chance to Win

The whole situation is strange, and Tom Brady could have used Gordon’s big catch radius and play-making ability on 4th down.  New England needs to win the final two games of the year, and Gordon needs to be on the field.  Josh Gordon is the teams leading receiver, tied for most TDs, and had quickly become Brady’s go to guy.  The Patriots need to play better on the field, but the play calling and coaching also need to be better moving forward.