Tom Brady’s Camped out On Max Kellerman’s Cliff Watching Game Film

Tom Brady has been the focal point of Max Kellerman’s ridiculous career. Kellerman started out with a bang, saying “Tom Brady would be a bum in short order.” I’m not sure what his issue is with Brady, maybe Tom didn’t shake his hand at an event? Who can forget Max’s prediction that Brady will fall off a cliff. I’d like to remind Max Kellerman that those ignorant claims came on July 25th, 2016. Yes July of 2016. Max made two predictions. One was just ignorant, while the “cliff” comment was just not smart. Tom Brady has made him look foolish and ignorant.

Patriot fans all know that the days of Tom Brady dominating won’t last forever. He hasn’t played great in a couple games, but we’ve seen this movie before. Brady’s been part of a 6 game winning streak in 2018. He’s led this offense by scoring over 30 points per game for four weeks straight, tying an NFL record. I’m not a quarterback guru or a boxing commentator like Max so what do I know? Here is Max getting schooled by everyone on First Take. He actually said, “Brady finally did something,” speaking about the first game of 2018 and quickly got ripped apart.

After the first game of the 2018 season, Kellerman was laughed at by Steven A Smith, Damien Woody, and Molly Querim for not owning up to being wrong about the “cliff.” It’s quite apparent to everyone Brady has performed better at his age than anyone before him. It’s clear Kellerman the “TV personality” was way off, but enough about the cliff. After a couple subpar games and a single loss, let’s see where Max takes it now.

“A Wet Noodle For An Arm”

Kellerman’s latest hot take is now going after Brady’s arm. I don’t remember hearing much about this during the Pats win streak, but I’ll play along. Sure the last three weeks Brady hasn’t played like his usual self. He has 1 TD in 3 games. Two wins and a loss, and the loss is why this annual “Brady’s Done” take circulates through ESPN.

Brady’s arm is fine

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

As I watched the Patriots lose to Tennessee, I didn’t see the MVP, Tom Brady. I did, however, see that Marcus Cannon was out, the offensive line was banged up. I saw Brady trying to work with what he had, or didn’t have. Max Kellerman said, “Tom Brady has a wet noodle for an arm.” Max has been waiting for Brady’s demise since he started on ESPN’s morning show First Take. Max saw a “wet noodle arm” but completely ignored Tom Brady’s surroundings. Brady and the offense against Tennessee was a bad matchup from the start. Brady didn’t have his best game, but his arm strength was no concern.

Look At What TB12 Is Working With MAX

Max has no leg to stand on now that Brady has played well past his “expiration date.” I watched every snap of the Tennessee game, and I’d bet my house that Max did not. Like I said Brady didn’t play great, but instead of claiming he’s washed up, take a look around him.  I remember numerous passes hitting receivers in the hands, his arm wasn’t the problem.

Rob Gronkowski did not play, he is one of the best blocking tight ends in the NFL. Brady had no protection as the offensive line was missing its best players. Dwayne Allen was in and out of the game which hurt the line even more. Brady’s weapons were not healthy, Sony Michel was limited coming back from a knee injury. Josh Gordon was targeted 12 times and had 2 receptions and multiple drops. Brady didn’t play well, I’ll admit that, but I’m not blind. With no tight ends, no protection, and a limited running back, who could’ve played well in that game?

New England had a bad day, it happens to everyone. Sorry, Max, it’s not the defense winning these games, that’s obvious. Kellerman’s latest hot take is nothing more than another ridiculous comment from a boxing commentator, who maybe should stick to boxing. Sunday, the Patriots will be back from their bye week. Tom Brady is going to come out on fire for the rest of the season, and Kellerman will be eating his words again.