Patriots and Colts kick off week 5

New England welcomes the Colts to Foxborough to start week 5 in a prime time showdown Thursday night. Indianapolis comes into this game following a long 70 minute loss to the Texans. With a 1-3 record the Colts season hangs in the balance just 4 games into the year. New England enters October at 2-2 after a 38-7 win over the Dolphins. Indy is banged up and New England is getting Edelman back, can Luck Win his first game against Brady?

Pats D needs to bring the pressure

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New England has the luxury of playing at home on this short Week, with Julian Edelman making his return. Tom Brady now has Edelman and Gronk on the field together for the first time in 31 games. The Colts are missing T.Y Hilton, and are 0-5 vs the Pats with Luck starting at QB.

James White can do everything

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No Need To Show To Much On Offense If Possible

The Patriots will need the offensive line to play well this week, not just for the running game, but to hold off the Colts pass rush. Last week the Offense showed improvement as Tom Brady got everyone involved, resulting in 24 points in the first half.

Finally Julian Edelman is back, he will help the Patriots Offense on third down which has been an issue for this team in 2018. Tonight this Patriots Offense will have all their weapons back, and New England hasn’t forgotten what the Colts started in 2014 about some footballs.

New England will once again get the running game going, they will try to jump out to an early lead and come out of this game unscathed. Expect to see more of the running backs, as I think the Patriots will look to run the ball early and often. This Colts team is coming in tired and banged up.

New England’s Defense Looks Improved

Historically New England has had to take T.Y Hilton out of the game with multiple players. Tonight that won’t be a problem as Hilton is out with a hamstring and chest injury.

The front seven needs to get after Luck, keep him in the pocket and force bad throws. Last week Patrick Chung and Trey Flowers returned and will be factors against Andrew Luck. Without his main target this week, expect the Colts to try to control the clock. Keeping Brady and the offense on the bench is always a smart play if you can do it.

Indianapolis has a speedy running back Nyheim Hines, who’s more of a receiving threat than a rusher. His name could be called a lot tonight on screen passes and wheel routes. New England’s Linebacker’s and safety’s will need to keep an eye on him. Without Hilton playing, the biggest receiving threat would be Eric Ebron who leads the colts in targets and red zone targets. I think tonight’s gameplan for New England is simple, no chunk plays, make Luck uncomfortable all while not showing to much.

Being very vanilla on defense and offense for the Patriots could be part of their plan. Knowing the Colts are coming here banged up, after a long overtime loss, without their best weapon. Keeping as much as they can off game film will benifit them moving forward. To do this, jumping out to a big lead is imperative. With a huge matchup next Sunday, staying healthy and not showing much if possible may be the gameplan. Although there is bad blood between these two teams, and Bill may want to try and make a statement. Belichick never forgets, same goes for Tom Brady.

Patriots vs Colts Prediction

My prediction for tonight’s game is not because I like one team better than the other. I’m looking at the facts, the injuries and history. Tom Brady is coming into this game, remembering what the Colts started which led to his suspension. He is at home, with Gronk, Edelman, Gordon and James White at his disposal. Sony Michel could come out and have a Jonas Gray game. I can’t see this Colts defense being able to keep up.

I believe the Patriots are still angry from “deflategate.” The Colts are coming into this game banged up, off a horrible overtime loss last week. Andrew Luck has never beat the Patriots and that will continue. Adding all of this up I have a big night from New England, winning 42-14.