Tom Brady is the only Quarterback in NFL History to win 200 regular season games. He has been a part of great teams throughout his career, which have contributed to this milestone. Brady would be the first one to deflect this achievement and speak about all the great players who have helped him get to this point.

On the other hand, Brady has put this team on his back many of times and won in spite of poor defensive play. That is something Tom would never say, so I’ll say it for him. He’s done more with less than any QB in history.

Brady reaches 200 wins

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Brady already held the record for most regular season wins for a quarterback. He passed Peyton Manning and Brett Favre last October, winning his 187th game, passing the previous record of 186 in a win against the Jets.


Number 200 came against the hottest offense in the NFL through 5 games, the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. Because of Tom’s age, the media wanted this game to be a passing of the torch. A loss for Brady and a win for the young gun slinger.

Brady, just as he started his career, drove his offense down the field like he has, well 199 other times. His 39 yard strike to Rob Gronkowski set up Stephen Gostkowski’s game winning field goal. New England won 43-40 in this week 6 track meet, as the offense stepped up and traded punches with the Chiefs.

Tom Brady went 24 of 35 for 340 yards, with one TD and zero interceptions. He also got his team the lead back in the fourth quarter by scoring a rushing TD to add to his stat line.


For a quarterback to be able to achieve a record like this, it takes talent and longevity. Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback to have ever played in the NFL, and he’s not done yet. His relentless desire to win combined with the way he takes care of himself, has allowed him to be an extremely durable piece for the Patriots.

As Brady has said many times before, he plans to play until he is 45. But I can assure you it’s not for records like this. He is chasing that sixth Super Bowl Championship that New England fell short of last year.

Brady has his offense back

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Tom is a walking Hall of Famer and he still isn’t satisfied. He is on a different level compared to other quarterbacks. Brady will look to win number 201 next week against a dominant Chicago Bears defense.

At the end of the day Brady has records stacked on top of records, but all he wants is more Super Bowl Rings. His dedication and love for the game makes everyone around him better. His Patriots are now 4-2, despite some writing this team off. Focusing on one game at a time, Brady is already studying the Bears defense to see where he can exploit them next week.

200 wins is quite the achievement, especially when he has 27 postseason wins on top of that. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are on to Chicago, trying to keep these wins coming.