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Breaking: Patriots Release WR Malcolm Mitchell

Mitchell Showed Serious Promise The New England Patriots have released 25 year old WR Malcom Mitchell. Malcolm was drafted as a fourth round pick out of Georgia and showed some potential his rookie year. In 2016, Mitchell had 32 receptions for 401 yards and 4 touchdowns. He was also a key part of the Patriots Super Bowl Win against the Atlanta Falcons. The rookie hauled in 6 clutch catches for 70 yards. Winning a championship as a rookie, he looked like Brady’s new favorite outside weapon for the future. Injuries Kept Piling Up After such a great start to...

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Gronk Is Looking like His Old Happy Self at Camp

Gronk Is Back and Healthy Training camp wouldn’t be the same without Gronk, and it sure is good to see him on the practice field. Both Brady and Gronkowski decided to skip voluntary OTA’s earlier this offseason. Tom was away to spend time with his family, and maybe a little time away from the boss. Meanwhile, Gronk could’ve been away for many reasons. Retirement, as he stated after the loss to the Eagles last year, is not one of them. If my opinion matters, I think that a contract restructure could’ve been the cause for skipping OTAs. Gronk is...

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Remembering Reggie – 25 Years Since The Loss of Reggie Lewis

Boston Drafts Reggie Lewis in the First Round Reggie Lewis was picked22nd overall by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the 1987 NBA draft. His talent and work ethic displayed at Northeastern didn’t go unnoticed, even though it is a smaller college basketball program. In his rookie season, he averaged only 8.5 minutes and 4.5 PPG. With Boston’s Big 3 running the show, he would sit and watch like any other rookie and learn from the legends. Reggie’s second year was completely different. He played in 81 of 82 games, averaging 18.5 PPG and showing he could...

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Tom Brady – The Ultimate Fighter

Tom Brady is ready to embark on his next challenge this September. He will have to overcome many different obstacles along the way. This is nothing new to Brady though; he’s been fighting his way toward greatness his entire life and it won’t change in 2018. FROM THE BEGINNING  His fight for football greatness began in high school, where Brady wasn’t good enough to be the starter on a winless team that had zero touchdowns. He eventually got the starting job as a junior and held it until he graduated. Brady wasn’t getting much attention from colleges during his...

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The $60 Million Man

Saving the Team Millions Tom Brady has been the ultimate team player. He’s never been the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, despite being the most successful. According to Business Insider, Tom has left about $60 million dollars on the table throughout his career, and that is the conservative number. It’s possible the total is upward to $100 million. New England has restructured Brady’s contract with two years left most in his career. This offseason however, no new deal has been reached with the star quarterback. Tom Brady has helped the team financially with hopes the money will be spent...

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