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Harrison agrees with Law about the NFL HOF and says the media are Haters

Monday Rodney Harrison will be inducted into the Patriots HOF. But right now it seems like the color of the jacket is the main topic. Recently Ty Law, who is about to go into the Pro Football HOF, talked about Patriot players from the early 2000’s being overlooked. He may be right. But when you take a hard look there may not be many to follow him. Here’s Ty Laws take on The HOF Ty Law was a great player and is well deserving of the gold jacket, and he thinks there is a reason for the lack of...

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The Brady Difference

The best way to succeed in life is through hard work and determination. The Brady difference as I like to call it, is what sets him apart from any other QB in the NFL. Brady’s quickly approaching his 42nd birthday in August, but if you didn’t know this you’d think he was in his 30’s. Brady’s Training like A Mad Man Tom Brady Runs A Faster 40-Yard Dash Now Than He Did At 2000 NFL Combine 2000 : 5.28s 2019 :— PatriotsNation™ (@PatsNationTM) July 5, 2019 This is from Tom v Time The soon to be 42 year...

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Gronkowski Still has ‘The Itch’

Rob Gronkowski held his 7th annual Citi, Pro Camp for kids. Helping the Boston food bank along with the kids who all brought food for a great cause. Gronk was his usual happy self on the first day of his camp this year. The future HOF TE was running around playing quarterback, catching passes and teaching kids the importance of teamwork. He’s a great role model and it showed all day. Everyone Including 800 Children had the same question for Gronk ‘Gronk “Newest Ring is the Biggest and Baddest” Talks about the itch to come back and more…—...

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Tips to Become a Professional Jockey

Horse racing is a much-loved activity among adventure sports lovers. There are a number of horse riders who enjoy it as a leisure activity; then there are others who take the sport quite seriously. A sport dating back to the 17th century, horse racing has now become a popular game, with increasing number of female jockeys as well. The decision to take up horse racing as a career must be based on certain criteria, provided all the basic requirements are taken care of. Your love for working with horses, sense of balance, body weight, age, steady nerves and competitiveness...

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What’s the Deal with Fantasy Sports?

The concept of fantasy sports appeared back in the 1950s (when a fantasy golf league was created) but gained worldwide acceptance in the 1990s (when introduced online). During the last decade, this industry has grown enormously. Compare the numbers from 2012 ($2.9 billion) and 2015 ($26.4 billion) to see how in a period as small as three years online fantasy sports has increased the revenue. Already in 2015, this industry was larger than event promotions in the US! Fantasy sports require building a virtual team of known professionals. Participants earn points for successful performance of a team they’ve built....

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Protein-rich foods: meet 10 of them and learn how to use them in your diet

It is okay that protein is the main item of diets that promise great weight loss in a short time, but do not forget that it is much more than a means to get to weight loss. Composed of amino acid chains, protein is very important for a healthy life, being able, among other things, to influence the capacity of muscle contraction, production of antibodies and construction of new tissues.The ideal amount of protein to consume per day varies according to the characteristics and the organism of each one; but in theory ranges from 0.8 to 1.2 grams per pound that the person weighs. That is, someone of 60 kg should consume between 48 and 72 grams of protein per day. In addition, because they are amino acid combinations, in order for the fraction to take place properly and the nutrients to be absorbed, we should avoid the intake of liquids during the meals – which dilutes the gastric juice – and to chew the foods well.If you are interested in including the protein in a healthy way in your routine, see the following list. However there are always more practical ways, one of which is by consuming protein bars. To find out more, just click on Here are 10 protein-rich foods that you can add to your daily menu. Soy (34g protein per 100g)Soy is an important...

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Tom Brady- The Greatest Leader in Sports History

The Greatest Leader in sports-Tom Brady is going back to his 9th Super Bowl. Brady’s gone from the 199th pick in the draft, to arguably the greatest Athlete of all time. Brady’s play on the field is well documented, and his numbers are historic. The country has watched him grow as a player since 2001 and he’s gotten even better with age. Tom Brady could have 2 HOF careers, 2001-2007 and 2007-2018. It’s incredible what he has accomplished, and he has this team hungry to atone for last years’ Super Bowl loss. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports...

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Stephon Gilmore named First Team All Pro

The Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore was named First Team All Pro by the AP today. The shutdown corner has been worth every penny since arriving in New England last year. Gilmore has proven to be one of the elite cornerbacks in the NFL, and is arguably the Patriots MVP this season.

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Running Backs Will Be a Major Factor For This Offense

The air attack for the Patriots has looked more and more like last year each week. When Brady was MVP, I have the numbers to back it up. But the running game needs to be more consistent for this team to succeed. Health has taken a few guys out of the plan. Now it’s time for the remaining 3 to really be at their best.

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Sony Michel is a Vital Piece to Patriots Offense

Sony Michel has been a key contributor to this Patriots Offense. Without the rookie RB the offense looked unbalanced and predictable against Buffalo. Sony is on his way back, weather it’s Sunday Night or not is up to the medical staff and coaches. You know Sony wants in, he’s just waiting for the word.

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