J-Mac Was No Lock To Even Make This Team

When Jason McCourty came to New England from Cleveland, Belichick brought him in to see what he had left. After OTA’s and the Preseason, McCourty was no lock to make this team, and he knew it. He admitted it after Thursday’s Win. Halfway through camp, Belichick wanted to see what he could do at safety. Most would say that after the last preseason game things weren’t looking great for the veteran.

Twin Power?

Jason McCourty Playing great so far

Making The Most Of His Opportunity

Eric Rowe’s injury opened the door for Jason McCourty, from a bubble guy to one of the Patriot’s best defenders. He contributed to the win over the colts in a big way. Andrew Luck targeted McCourty 10 times with J-Mac allowing just 44 yards. Luck had a measly 14.2 rating throwing at the veteran.

McCourty’s been stellar through five games on the field, He’s only allowed 13 receptions on 26 targets, for just 116 yards on the year. His play isn’t going unnoticed either, as Pro Football Focus has him as the 4th ranked cornerback.

The Patriots have young and hungry cornerbacks looking to make a name for themselves. For now, McCourty’s the guy moving forward.

J-Mac Plays Hard And Studies Hard

Jason is intelligent, which is no surprise after watching his twin brother Devin for years. J-Mac can play both cornerback and safety. He put the work in to ensure his spot on the Patriots. His brother Devin started out playing cornerback and was named to the Pro Bowl his first year. After a good season at cornerback, Devin moved to Safety. Sound familiar?

Jason having the opportunity to play alongside his twin has certainly helped him pick up the playbook, and the culture in New England. Coming from the Browns, Jason is now giving passionate pregame speeches to the defense, and he is loving every minute of being a Patriot. His passion and appreciation for winning came out after the win Thursday night. Cameras picked up J-Mac running around the locker room yelling about winning, smiling ear to ear.

Jason McCourty is a big hit with the coaches

Jason McCourty is just happy playing for New England

Coming from an organization that went winless last year, Jason said he doesn’t care what position he plays. The scene in the locker room Thursday night said it all. “I’ve done a lot of losing, I like this!” Now he’s on a team that will use him to the best of his abilities, and the coaching staff loves him.

McCourty has revived his career this season. hH’s not just one of the best defenders on the Patriots, he’s a top 5 cornerback in the NFL. Based on his attitude and work ethic, I don’t see why his play should slow down anytime soon. Cornerback or Safety it doesn’t matter to Jason. More importantly, the coaching staff has confidence in him. He will continue to learn to be even more versatile. A move that was questioned in the offseason is paying off for the team and for Jason McCourty.