Author: @maxleemcauliffe

Potential Patriots: Dre’Mont Jones

The combine has officially ended and now everyone can start to get a better sense on where each player will land in the draft. The value that a scout should hold in the combine is an age old debate that should be left for another time. Not a good day for Mr. Jones Dre’Mont Jones was on my mock draft and big board before the combine. Jones, the Ohio State product, dramatically underwhelmed scouts and evaluators. However, that could be a good thing for Patriots fans, as Dre’Mont could now slide further down draft boards. Sliding down mock drafts...

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Kyler Murray and the Patriots Do Not Mesh

Kyler, the Heisman-winning quarterback from Oklahoma, remains the biggest question of this year’s draft. His future landing spot remains completely unknown. And although Murray will certainly be picked in the first round, the question of when remains to be seen. Untraditional Quarterback Murray might be the hardest quarterback some scouts have ever been asked to evaluate. His decision-making and judgement can be so blatantly wrong at times, yet he will still make a play or get a completion. He is the farthest from traditional one could find, yet the most successful out of his class. Kyler Murray holding the...

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Potiential Patriots: TJ Hockenson

The more film watched on TJ Hockenson, the more it seems he will be long gone before the Patriots pick 32nd. However, one never knows these days as players get injured in practice (like Jeffery Simmons), poor combines or pro days hurt their value, and sometimes guys just slide due to demand. Although historically the Patriots never really trade up in the draft, this Iowa tight end might be worth breaking the trend for. That is of course assuming he doesn’t miraculously fall into their hands at the end of the first round. Here is what makes Hockenson so...

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Patriots Top Three Draft Needs Might Surprise

Note: Pre-draft scouting reports on potential Patriots are on their way and will be posted regularly as the draft comes even closer. A stockpile of picks, a bunch of needs, and a much needed injection of youth should make this draft interesting for all Patriots fans. The most interesting aspect of this whole draft for the Patriots will be the direction they take. Do they aim more for day one contributors that can provide value at a second or third spot on a depth chart? Do they aim more for developmental pieces that may take longer to develop but...

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The Genius of Sean McVay and his Upcoming Chess Match with Bill

Watching Sean McVay call plays on offense is like watching someone paint. True art, beautiful design, Sean McVay is a true innovator. All someone needs to be a head coach these days is have a cup of coffee with him. Let’s take a look into what McVay does best and how Flores and Belichick can stop him. McVay and his misdirections To start, McVay makes a living off of misdirections and different offensive line shifts. This freezes the second and third levels of the defense. Against the Saints, he called play actions and pulled his guards to one side...

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How Did it Happen? Patriots are Atlanta Bound

At almost every turn this regular season, the Patriots found themselves doubted. Constantly counted out and disregarded, teams went to play them with a higher level of confidence than years prior. Now, they head to Atlanta where they are currently three point favorites against the Los Angeles Rams.  Gameplan Yesterday was a marvelous performance and featured phenomenal execution. The gameplan on offense was really no secret. The plan going in was to establish the run game, create unpredictability in the playcall, and most of all dominate the time of possession to keep the ball out of the hands of...

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The Patriots and the Pony Express

Some remember the famous “Pony Express” from Southern Methodist University. This was when Craig James and Eric Dickerson dominated the college football world. Rumblings have indicated the Patriots will unveil their own Pony Express, due to the Chargers weak linebackers, and inabilities to cover running backs in the passing game. The Patriots Pony When saying pony, this means something a little different than just two running backs splitting time. A pony formation entails a two running back set, meaning some combination of Michel, White, and Burkhead. The expectation is that the Patriots will use running back heavy sets to...

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Is a new rival emerging for New England?

As the Steelers appear to be a dilapidated, down the pan team, headed for a fiery, violent crash, it is time to question wether they will be considered a rival of ours next year. Of course, the Patriots’ run should come to a close once their older veterans leave, like Brady, Gronk, Belichick. However, different from the Patriots, the Steelers main problem is keeping their younger stars happy. We all know about the Bell debacle that developed over a two year period. Now, the Steelers are considering exploring the trade market for Antonio Brown this offseason. Big Ben is...

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